The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an uptick in the demand for imaging services. A fast, accessible method was critical for sharing and transferring image files from one office or facility to another. The nature of digital radiography systems (DR) lent itself well to this need. In addition, DR has the advantage of lower radiation dose exposure to patients and technicians. 

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According to a new report from, the United States digital X-ray device market is expected to grow at a rate of more than 7 percent over the forecasted period through 2026, and it saw a revenue of $2.87 million in 2019, a number that is predicted to continue to increase due to the ongoing need of digital imaging services related to the pandemic and its continuing ripple effects. 

“Major factors driving the growth of the DR market include the increasing research and development activities by the key players for the innovation of novel products with sophisticated features and high standards of healthcare facilities in the country,” stated the report. “The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016, which favors digital imaging over other methods, reduces Medicare payments by 20 percent for providers still using analog X-ray systems. This will positively influence the DR market’s growth in the U.S.”