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Why Invest in Bag Man Xray's BMX Bags?

Our BMX bags protect your DR detector or CR cassette investment by keeping  them dry and clean from exposure to patient blood and other bodily fluids, as well as harsh cleaning solutions that can damage detectors, grids and cassettes over time

Our  disposable BMX bags protect your patients and technologists from cross contamination and possible infections

Our slick BMX bags assist your technologists with easier and more efficient positioning and removal of detectors and cassettes beneath your patients

Our BMX bags come in 2 convenient styles: Open Fold Over has extra plastic at the open end to conveniently fold over and/or grab to remove from beneath the patient. Re-closable has a “sandwich” style press seal to completely enclose the detector


O – indicates open fold over bag        R – indicates re-closable bag

BMX 1012-O or BMX 1012-R

fit manufacturer's small digital detector and CR cassettes

BMX 1417-O or BMX 1417-R

fit manufacturer's 14" X 17" digital detector and CR cassettes

BMX 1417-2LR

reclosable pressed seal bag that fit manufacturer’s 14” X 17” or larger digital detector and CR cassettes

BMX 1417-2F

fits all manufacturer's 14" X 17" digital detector and are a clear "sandwich" style bag with a 3" lip and flap to enclose detector

BMX 1616-O or BMX 1616-R

exclusively designed for GE Flash Pad detector with integrated dual handle

BMX 1717-O or BMX 1717-R

fit all manufacturer's 17" X 17" digital detectors or 14" X 17" digital detectors with large grid or handle accessory

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